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You are only 1 step away

from the change

you desire !


A Groundbreaking Holistic and Innovative Approach

For Yacht Captain & Crew Success

For years, we have all known that the major problem on board is 

Crew turnover in the yacht industry is around 30% per year. This means that almost a third of the crew changes every year.

65% of yacht crew are considering leaving the industry within the next five years, due to stress and working conditions.

Crew retention is a major challenge for nearly 80% of Yacht Captains.

Naviguer en mer
In 2024

You can only succeed with crew retention & well being
incorporation holistic approach.

Your voice and determination can bring sustainable changes, or withdrawal.

The changes are both inside-out

If you are ready to step to next level leadership, you have the potential to bring a positive impact on your crew dynamics, guest satisfaction, family, yourself and beyond.

What happen when you don't take this seriously ?

You keep struggling with your crew as your stress, anxiety and frustrations eat you up from the inside.

You end up working harder than you need to, taking on more pressure, more burdens of leadership, more loneliness, more physical & mental fatigue.

You don't have time to feed yourself, keep learning, achieving more, your cup is full.

You are constantly blaming others, the external environment…

It feels hard, difficult and kills your spark. You end up hating your captain’s role in the long-term and have days when you just want to give up.

Your long-term career longevity decreases.

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What's the outcome working with me ? 

You start leveraging your leadership as a captain.

You increase crew retention and crew satisfaction

You go from being struggled and unfulfilled to regain commitment and  inner peace.

You know that you always have someone by your side 100 %, a bespoke support from someone who has lived it, gets it, knows yachting life inside-out, acting as a trusted mentor, that gives you confidence and alignment in your leadership. 

Access and exclusive network of yacht captains like yourself , break isolation and loneliness in your leadership role once and for all.

Who I Mentor ?

Super & Mega yacht captains that struggle with crew hiring, crew satisfaction and crew retention.

Captains that are coachable.

Captains that are open minded to a more holistic leadership & innovative approach.

Who I don't Mentor ?

Captains who are closed to holistic mindset.

Leaders who are not ready to work on themselves.

Captains who blame their crew.

Captains who are not open to human leadership approach.

Leaders who do not want to level up their self mastery, self awareness, or relationships.

How does it work ?

There are 3 ways to be supported by me : 

My signature program - UNITED CREW - for captains

6 weeks: group -  3K / VIP 1 on 1- 5K


My program - UNLIMITED POTENTIAL - for captains

3 months:  VIP 1 on 1 - 15K


My program - EXPANSION & DYNAMICS - For captains / heads / crew

3 months - 30K / 6 months - 60K / 12 months  - 120K

Are we a fit ?

If your leadership and impact is NOT taking of and you are ready to:

Regain commitment, unity and peace on board in the upcoming 3 months,

while learning & achieving more, fostering a collective spirit of expansion,


Having MUCH more pleasure and peace of mind !


Here are the next steps:

1. Book your free CAPTAIN LEADERSHIP AUDIT of your current situation.

2. Reach out by email to for any tailor-made request you may have.

3. Apply to the most suitable formula according to your needs and goals


Marion Monnier

Welcome on board,

I am the founder of Positive Impact Yachting. 


The sea has been central to my background, around which my experiences have revolved, focusing on human & nature connection, human growth and happiness.


Former super yacht crew member for 14 years and captain's wife for more than 20 years,

I live and breath my work and deeply, intimately understand the nuances of yacht life.


As I live year-round aboard my sailboat with my husband and two young kids, my personal immersion allows me to resonate intimately with the challenges and joys that come with a life at sea.


I am deeply committed to humanize quality of life on board, whilst prioritizing the well-being and work-life balance for everyone involved.


This led me to study and research holistic leadership, change-management and emotional & somatic intelligence. 

In addition to this vast experience in yachting, I am also certified in holistic coaching, emotional release therapy (EFT), neuro linguistic programming (NLP), energetic (LaHoChi),  plant based Nutrition, numerology and enneagram.


I am an International speaker on topics such as crew retention, holistic leadership and empowerment for yacht captains and their teams.


My unique framework is delivered in key-notes, podcast interviews and workshop formats for International, broader audiences and stages as well as Internal training for partners.

Holistic Mentoring

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